Rental Property Calculator
Calculate revenue, profit, return on investment and payback period for a rental investment property.
Monthly rent                           $          
Annual revenue:

The amount of money generated over a 12-month period before factoring in operating and mortgage costs.
Annual Revenue
Monthly operating costs   $      
Monthly operating costs:

Enter the monthly costs related to operating a property, excluding mortgage costs.

Monthly operating costs could include: utilities, cable, internet, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, security and HOA fees.
Annual Profit:

Revenue less operating and mortgage costs, including interest and principal.
Annual Profit
Monthly mortgage payment   $          
Annual ROI:

A measure of financial performance calculated by dividing annual profit by equity invested.
Annual ROI
Purchase price                           $      
Purchase price:

Enter the total cost to acquire the property plus applicable closing costs (e.g., real estate broker, mortgage broker and legal fees).
Payback period:

The number of years required to cover the original equity investment.
Payback Period
Amount borrowed                         $      
Amount borrowed:

Enter the starting balance of your mortgage when you acquired the property.
Occupancy rate              
Occupancy rate:

Enter the average occupancy rate which is the percent of total nights with a tenant in occupancy and paying rent.