Airbnb Calculator: Break-even Daily Rate
Calculate the daily rate that covers all operating and mortgage costs.
Monthly operating costs                 $    
Monthly operating costs:

Enter the monthly costs related to operating a property, excluding mortgage costs.

Monthly operating costs could include: utilities, cable, internet, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, security and HOA fees.
  Break-even Daily Rate
Monthly mortgage payment               $        
Occupancy rate:

Percent of total nights with a guest in occupancy and paying the daily rate. Default occupancy rate assumptions are based on U.S. hospitality data.

Example: if you expect to have a guest in occupancy 3 weeks out of 4 weeks in a month, then the occupancy rate for that month is 75% (3 / 4 weeks).
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Service fee:

Select the service fee that Airbnb collects for listing on their platform. The fee is applied as a percentage of total booking revenue.

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