Airbnb Calculator
Calculate revenue, profit, return on investment and payback period.
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Daily rate       $            
Daily rate:

For each season, enter the average rate charged to the guest per night booked.
Occupancy rate:

Percent of total nights with a guest in occupancy and paying the daily rate. Default occupancy rate assumptions are based on U.S. hospitality data.

Example: if you expect to have a guest in occupancy 3 weeks out of 4 weeks in a month, then the occupancy rate for that month is 75% (3 / 4 weeks).
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# days unavailable for booking            
Days unavailable for booking:

For each season, enter the number of days that the property is not available to be booked. Default assumption is that the property is available to be booked 365 days per year (i.e, 0 unavailable days).

For example, if a property owner chooses to block 2-weeks every year during busy season, then the user would enter 14 days under busy season.
Service fee    
Service fee:

Select the service fee paid to Airbnb for listing on their platform. The fee is applied as a percentage of total booking revenue.

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Management fee          
Management fee:

Enter the fee paid to the property manager. Some property owners hire external managers to run day-to-day operations. Property owners typically agree to pay managers a percentage of total revenue.

Tip: if you are planning to manage the property without a property manager, then enter 0% for the management fee.
Monthly operating costs   $      
Monthly operating costs:

Enter the monthly costs related to operating a property. Monthly operating costs could include: utilities, cable, internet, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, security and HOA fees.
Monthly mortgage payment   $        
Select how busy each month is?  
Calculate return on investment and payback period?  
  Purchase price           $      
Purchase price:

Enter the total cost to purchase the property plus applicable closing costs (e.g., real estate broker, mortgage broker and legal fees).
  Set-up costs           $        
  Amount borrowed           $      
Amount borrowed:

Enter the starting balance of the mortgage when the property was purchased.
Annual revenue = total nights booked × average daily rate Annual Revenue
Annual profit = annual revenue - operating costs - mortgage payment Annual Profit
Annual ROI = annual profit / equity invested Annual ROI
Payback period:

The number of years required to cover the equity investment.
Payback Period
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