Complete inputs to calculate annual revenue, profit and return on investment.
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  Monthly rent         (per month)        
  Occupancy rate
Occupancy rate:

Total nights in a given period with a tenant in occupancy paying rent divided by total number of nights in a given period. Default set to 100% and assumes a tenant will be in occupancy for the entire period.

Tip: only adjust percentage below 100% if you think you might lose a tenant over the next 12 months.
    (% month)        
Input detailed operating costs?
Operating costs:

Recurring costs related to operating a property, excluding financing costs (i.e., mortgage).

Tip: fill-in only those that apply.
  Operating costs       (per month)        
            (per month)        
        (per month)        
          (per month)        
          (per month)        
      (per month)        
            (per month)        
        (per month)        
            (per month)        
Management fee:

Some property owners hire external managers to run day-to-day operations. Property owners typically agree to pay managers a percentage of total revenue.

Tip: if you are planning to manage the property without a property manager, then enter 0% for the management fee.
    (% revenue)        
Input assumptions for a new mortgage?
Mortgage assumptions:

Inputs are used to calculate the monthly payment for a conventional U.S. mortgage.

Tip: for non-U.S. mortgages, use external mortgage calculator to determine the precise monthly payment then input that monthly payment in the analysis.
  Mortgage payment     (per month)        
Complete inputs below:                          
  Loan amount         (amount)        
  Interest rate         (%)        
  Loan term         (years)        
Calculate return on investment and payback period?            
Complete inputs below:                          
  Purchase price
Purchase price:

Cost to acquire the property plus applicable closing costs (e.g., real estate broker, mortgage broker and legal fees).
  Renovations & set-up costs   (amount)        
  Mortgage at acquisition
Mortgage at acquisition:

Input the starting balance of your mortgage when you acquired the property. We will use this amount to determine the total equity you invested in the property.
Input assumptions for other sources of revenue?              
  Parking           (per month)        
  Storage           (per month)        
  Other           (per month)        
Input assumptions for concessions?                      
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Operating Costs
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Mortgage Payment
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